Apostle Paul, without a doubt the greatest missionary of history, had a simple 2 step strategy for spreading the Gospel.

Firstly, he visited the cities (Acts 16:9,12), then he planted churches in each city (according to Titus 1:5 – “ and ordain elders in every city“). Doing this, Paul could say he has “fully preached the gospel of Christ” (Romans 15:19, 23).

His conclusion was all that was needed for spreading the Gospel in a certain city was fulfilled once a church had been planted in that place.

Today, studies show that new churches are the best way of reaching out to the contemporary generation and the new inhabitants of the city. Although we love to see the existing churches strengthened and fruitful in sharing the Gospel, we understand that planting more churches in the city will mean multiplication in God’s Kingdom: many more souls have the chance to be reached for Christ.

For the first time in humankind’s history, more than 50% of the people live in an urban setting. In the next just 30 years, more than 75% of the entire population on earth will live in an urban context. 

Understanding the times we live in, we want to focus our attention & efforts on plating urban churches, beginning with Relevant Church in Cluj. 500.000 people out there desperately need to be transformed by the power of the Gospel.

Are the existing churches enough for such a challenge? Certainly not!

The Church in Cluj must grow in spreading the Gospel of Christ first locally, then globally. The Church of Christ in Cluj must welcome any healthy initiative of planting new churches.

Let’s plant together in Cluj and continue to the end of the earth.

Why another church in Cluj?

  • Because it it the biblical warrant, a path opened by apostle Paul
  • Because our calling is to share the Gospel of Christ
  • Because there are 500.000 inhabitants in the metropolitan area of Cluj which need to hear the Gospel
  • Because we must understand the times we live in, times of accelerated urbanisation, like never before in the history of mankind

If you are from Cluj or searching for a Christ-centered church in Cluj-Napoca, let God add you to our community.

And we can’t wait to meet you!

You can find us in Cluj-Napoca, 28 Traian Moșoiu, every Sunday at 10:30


Biserica Relevant Cluj-Napoca